Before signing up for an online casino with the intention of playing for real money, it is essential to find out about its deposit and withdrawal options. Even if you find the most serious and honest online casino, they may not offer the right payment methods for your needs. Check the most suitable payments methods available at Casino Toy Jungle.

Payment by bank transfer

Depositing or withdrawing money by bank transfer has never been the preferred payment method for players. And for a good reason; the transactions can be expensive, time-consuming and above all, they are not anonymous. But even though we have always been skeptical about this payment method, it is still the most secure as it goes through the bank. In addition, it can help players control spending in the context of responsible gambling. In addition, we used this method and have improved their processing times. The main advantage is using this method for withdrawal to avoid extra fees and delays.

Minimum deposit: C$50

Maximum deposit: C$5,000

Average deposit time: 2 working days

Payment by credit card

Transferring funds to your player account by credit card (or debit card) is one of the most commonly used suitable payment methods. The reason? The ease of use. Shopping online with MasterCard or Visa is the most common, but again, transactions are not anonymous, nor are they free of fees (0.8% to 1.3% tax). Depositing by credit card is possible at our casino, for withdrawals, bank transfers are widely accepted.

Minimum withdrawal: C$10

Processing time: 3 to 4 business days

Electronic payment

Once shunned by internet users, this payment option has become the best and most widely used of all. Some wallets and prepaid cards are more popular than others (Neteller card, Skrill, Cashlib tickets, Paysafecard), but all of them allow you to make transfers in a completely anonymous way. The e-wallets usually offered in casinos are Neteller, EcoCard, and Skrill.

Minimum withdrawal: C$20

Average processing time: 1-2 business days

Prepaid card payment

While Paysafecard payments are becoming more and more popular among Canadian players, it seems that this payment method (and its affiliates such as Neteller) are slowly disappearing from some online casinos.

This leaves room for competitors such as Cashlib. Buying or depositing money at a Cashlib casino is just as easy and secure as at a Paysafe or Neteller casino.

Minimum deposit: C$10

Average deposit time: 1-2 business days