Fruit Slots: 4 reasons for seedless success

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The iGaming industry is a very competitive environment, where originality and innovation are always welcome. However, when it comes to slot design, most publishers largely prefer to stick to a safe bet rather than go in blind. Fruit-themed iSlots are as old as the gambling world itself, and it would seem that they are not losing their lustre. Why do these types of slots never tire of players? Discover the secrets behind their unfailing popularity.

Fruit-themed slots history

Fruit-themed slots have a long history dating back to the early days of the bandits.

No one really knows who invented the very first slot machine, but it is common knowledge that the most famous one is called “Liberty Bell“, and that it was built by a certain Charles Fay, during the year 1887.

It was very easy to understand and play, with only 3 reels, a single pay line, and 5 symbols: a diamond, a spade, a heart, a horseshoe, and a bell. The only problem is that at that time, gambling was prohibited: these symbols were simply replaced by fruits and the prizes were to be won by chewing gums with different fruity flavours depending on the winning combination obtained.

So you could say that fruit-themed slot machines are a bit of a Proust’s dream for players!

Coloured fruits slots control us

The psychology of colours is a non-negligible element in our use of games that slot machine publishers have totally understood. By a happy coincidence, those ancestors of the iSlot, the bandit-puppy, contained brightly coloured fruit.

This phenomenon of influence goes beyond the game, we unintentionally act differently if we are wearing a bright colour or if we have chosen dark clothes.

The variety of existing fruits and their colours give endless possibilities to gambling developers. The yellow of lemons, the red of strawberries, the orange of oranges, the pink of grapefruits… These are bright, bold colours that tend to put us in a good mood and give us a boost.

In the subconscious, fruits are thirst-quenching and delicious, sweet and comforting, their iSlots too!

Sight isn’t the only sense that slot publishers hope to excite by offering you fruit-themed iSlots. The psychological side is powerful. Take the test. Imagine warm chocolate fudge (or a fragrant raclette, depending on your taste)… Can you feel yourself salivating?

Taste plays a part in many of our decisions, and if it sounds far-fetched, fruit is, in the collective unconscious, a food that provides water and vitamins, and just the sight of watermelon can literally make you drool. Developers have understood this and are using this feature to design juicy, sun-drenched fruits to make you want to press the “Spin” button even more!

What if, after all, it’s the comfort of familiar games that makes us want to play on an iSlot fruit?

All online casinos offer fruit-themed games. One would think that players looking for modernity would probably not click on them. However, there are plenty of players who do click on this type of slot machine.

Why do they do it? Certainly out of habit. As humans, we are naturally drawn to what we have always known, for comfort and reassurance. Cherries or bananas remind us of childhood, which leads us to choose a game that contains them over one with a futuristic theme, for example.

You didn’t know what was behind a fruit-themed slot machine, did you? Now you have some answers, you can have fun paying attention to your choices, and ask yourself why you prefer Thunderkick’s iSlot Fruit Warp to Play’n Go’s Planet Fortune.