School Age

Here are our picks for the toys of 2016 for school age kids.

Bananagrams Jr

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Yoga Pretzels

Is mom or dad into yoga? Why not do yoga as a family? Yoga Pretzels is a new kind of game that you can do alone, or in a group. This deck of cards includes 50 different yoga activities, all with clear instructions and helpful illustrations. With Yoga Pretzels, getting in shape isn't just easy, but fun too.

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Money Savvy Bank

This not only helps you save money, but also keeps money in perspective and helps teach financial skill to prepare one for future financial health. Teach your children the many ways money works in our society including the ability to spend within your means and feel good about your spending/investing.

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Cobble Hill Santa Puzzle

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Flying Spaceman (& Space Treats)

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Space food isn't just for astronaut. Enjoy this authentic space treat, which is the same thing the astronauts take to space with them. This freeze dried Neapolitan makes the perfect treat, on earth or in space!

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Happy Salmon

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Pogo Stick

This classic pogo stick is perfect for young ones first learning how to bounce. It's single piston is easy to use and very durable.  This model is recommended for kids weighing up to 85 pounds.

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Last Mouse Lost

Talk about the perfect strategy game that plays in literally minutes - or less! Mice are represented by little rubber bubbles on what looks like an Egg-O waffle! Play against one other person and push any number of mice (bubbles) down in a single row.  They then do the same.Whoever presses the last mouse down loses the round. It's super easy and super fun! You never know what the other person will do. Great for the car, at home and for travelling. Also fun for adults!

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Go Bong

A quick 2 player game that tests your strategy skills. Take turns pressing bubbles in any row and to try to be the one to press the last bubble. Flip it over to start again. Games play in under a minute. Quiet and excellent to travel with. Washable. Great for 6 to adult.

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