Ask the Toy Couple: Crafts for Boys

Dear Toy Couple,

I have a 5 year old boy who loves crafts.  It seems that most of the kits are in “girly’ themes.  Can you recommend any craft kits for boys?

There are lots of wonderful craft kits that are in more “boy” themes for your creative 5 year old.  Creativity for Kids has a simple monster trucks custom shop where you can personalize your trucks with stickers and paints.  There is also something called a black light message board which is a 2 sided dry erase board that can be drawn on but that also comes with glow in the dark stickers.  If he has the dexterity and detail, I also love my childhood favourite Doodleart.  Who cares really if you stay too much in the lines anyway (at least that’s what my mom told me)

(Gary: I left my coffee cup on the table at work and it went through the ‘monster truck custom shop’. It Looks great!)


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